Location: Landsberger Str. 73 (Schwant.). From 17.00 to 23.45.

What you will find: Servus Heidi is a modern Bavarian space. Here, the guest awaits a traditional but insolent Bavarian cuisine (much more to offer than pork knuckles and dumplings) in a relaxed atmosphere. The name “Heidi” stands not only for the mountains, but also for the cheerfulness.  They reinterprete traditional dishes: Classic meat dishes such as backhendl with potato salad, Munich schnitzel or “crass worm” and starters for sharing (All products are mainly made by domestic farmers and regional traders). The back of the restaurant is fulled of pictures from old Bavarian films and classic furniture, such as lamps made of old barrels. The fusion is the magic, where all dishes are young and different and presented with “cetain something”: roast pork belly, pig belly 36 hours cooked or Wurstsalat. Let´s go foodies.







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