Vienna Mini Guide – 72h

Location: Vienna (Austria)

Where to sleep:

#Holmann Beletage Hotel. This boutique hotel has many virtues, but the main one is its location. It is only two minutes walk from the cathedral, one of the must-monuments. 25 rooms and a suite for guests to feel at home (even if they are far from it). Address: Köllnerhofgasse, 6.


#Hotel Daniel: There are certain hotels that just by looking at them create a great emotional interest, as the case of Hotel Daniel, with impressive rooms for a reasonable price. It is 15 minutes from the city center and they even offer a caravan in the middle of the garden where you can sleep comfortably watching the stars. Do not miss Daniel´s Bakery, with homemade cakes, and delicious breakfasts. You will find them at Landstraber Gürtel 5, Vienna.


#Hotel Sacher. It is an institution. More than a hotel, the Sacher is part of Vienna’s history. If you can afford it, spend one night in one of its rooms (as did Queen Elizabeth II and John F. Kennedy). Here the word luxury acquires a total meaning. If not, you can always go to have a coffee and try the Sacher cake. Only for a portion is worth the visit. Address: Philharmonikerstrasse, 4.


Where to eat/drink:

#Gasthouse Pöschl. If we talk about gastronomy there are two dishes that you need to try when you are in Vienna. The first is the Schnitzel and the second the gulash. In this small superauthentic gastro bar, you can find the original recipes of the two dishes: the breaded filet and the most famous meat of the Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Address: Weihburggasse, 17.


#Motto. What happens in Motto stays in the Motto. All celebrities who visit the capital pass through the restaurant (and an institution in the city). Last year it was completely renovated (more than 40 years old). We love its neo-industrial style and spicy steak. Address: Schönbrunner Strasse, 30.


#Zweitbester We like it not only for its aesthetic but also (and above all) for its risky and contemporary menu. The kitchen is open until 23.00 (something not very common in Austria). Then you can have a drink and brunch every day. Address: Heumühlgasse, 2.


#If dogs run free. This bar is not an air-space. It has personality and the public pretend to be original. The name is a tribute to the homonymous song of Bob Dylan. Address: Gumperdorfer Strasse, 10.


#R & Bar. The aesthetics of the 50’s have taken the center of the city. The vintage seats are original from that decade and the crystals mimic the bars of Mad Men. Old fashioned cocktails and new Italian cuisine (the chef is originally from the country). Ideal for snacking in the evening. Address: Lindengasse 1.


#Disco Volante: The huge, glittering disco ball is the first thing you will notice when you enter this pizzeria. Visited by many cool creatives in Vienna, this restaurant is perfect for a relaxed lunch or a start into Viennese nightlife.




#Supersense: Supersense is a new and unique concept store. Situated in an old 19th-century building, Supersense is a time-capsule that offers a variety of products from the pre-digital world. The store is mainly focused on photography, which is the largest Polaroid camera in the world, or the possibility to turn your smartphone images into polaroids. Also for the other senses is provided with wonderful café and homemade treats.


What to do:

There are three things you must do when you land in Vienna. First of all: rent a bike on the river bank. Stroll along the banks of the Danube to Stadtpark. There you can lie a while to listen to the live music that usually set the park (it is preferred by tourists, but also by the Viennese). You can not go back without seeing the Opera (one of the most beautiful buildings in the city), the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Art History with its Rembrands and Vermeers), the Georg Kargl gallery, Ulrich (a super hip little spot in Ulrichsplatz),  St. Charles Apotheke (which is one of my favorite little shops ever, filled with all types of holistic remedies), Das Loft (a restaurant that is on the top floor of the Sofitel Hotel right on the Danube Canal, and has an amazing view of Stephensdom and all of the 1st district) and the gigantic Hofburg Palace (where the imperial apartments of Sissi are located) . If you like to observe the cities from the heights, go up to the cathedral and then down to the center, dotted with shops and restaurants. From 17:00 the obligatory stop is at Hotel Sacher, where since 1876 the authentic (and most delicious) chocolate cake of the same name has been served. The best snack we can imagine.


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