Ruby Lilly Hotel & Bar

Location: Dachauer Straße 37 ( Stiglmaierplatz – Königsplatz – Maxvorstadt). Bar & Restaurant from 6:00 to 04:00 (from 07:00 on the weekends).

What you will find: Lean Luxury is the philosophy of Ruby Lilly Hotel & Bar (this one is based in Munich but with spots in Vienna, Dusseldorf, and Hamburg). Luxury means laid-back comfort instead of formalities, inspiring people instead of pretty facades and no expensive prestige addresses, but where the authentic heart of the city beats. They do not offer huge rooms but nice ones, where you have everything you need: being connected, sleeping and freshening up – and awesome prices pro night! This super hotel offers as well an easy-going bar which is open 24/7 (menu here) and where you can find Italian snacks and great drinks: antipasti and freshly prepared piadina and foccacia, Italian premium coffee from HAUSBRANDT, constantly changing specials etc. The vintage & industrial design is amazing and it is combined with their own Ruby Radio. The breakfast is also something worth to try (15€ in advance): an organic breakfast buffet, where only the healthy and delicious things are available, such us small but fine selection of organic sausage and cheese, dairy products of happy cows from Italy and the Alpine region, fresh, hand-cut fruit and organic orange and apple juice, miscellaneous Healthy Powerfood Muesli and Superfoods, bread from the Bäckerei Mauerer and organic tea – you will not see industrial products, hot food with bacon or bulk. Let´s go travelers and foodies!


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