Location: Schellingstr. 20 and Turkenstr.21 (Maxvorstadt). From 7.00 to 22.00

What you will find: Through North to the South of Vietnam,  chef Hanni has uncovered the hidden locations and secret eats of very different cities and their street food cultures, eating and exploring her way through traditional noodle soups, Vietnamese baguettes and savory sticky rice. Featuring not only 3 best authentic dishes namely Bánh Mì, Phở Soup and Xôi sticky rice but also typical Vietnamese Coffee and drinks. Bami House 1976 is a vibrant Vietnam’s culinary street culture, right in the heart of Munich. What do we recommend? Everything, from the Vietnamese Baguette, Pho Soup, Xoi Sticky Rice to the egg Cream Coffee and home-made organic Drinks.



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