Location: Maßmannstraße 4 (Maxvorstadt). From 9.00 to 19.00

What you will find:  Yes, I can admit I am getting crazy with the acai bowls, superfood and green smoothies (now I have discovered Matcha and Beetroot Latte and I am even crazier). Feelgood Factory produces what its name says: a healthy alternative in the heart of Munich with: Classic, green & warm smoothies; Energy & Açaí Bowls; Superfoods and 100% natural & handmade dishes. They offer high-quality but also non-expensive food and drinks. The use of natural and nutrient-rich ingredients, which have many vitamins, makes the flavor even better – flavor enhancers, preservatives or similar additives are naturally taboo. Their flexibility makes vegans, vegetarians or people with allergies or intolerance happy equally. What do we recommend? Blueberry classic smoothie, summer feeling green smoothie, oaty chocolate (amazing, with chocolate, banana, milk and oatmeal) and the chocolate dream with chia and fruit toppings. Let´s go foodies!



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