Location: Rumfordstraße 34 (Marienplatz – Altstadt – Isartor). From 12.00 to 24.00 – Grill from 19.00 to 23.00.

What you will find: Nero pizza & grill is one of that places that invites you to enter. Smells really tasty when you are close to the grill (not getting the odor as other places) and it is perfect to go with friends -locate your table on the first floor and if you are going just a few or a couple book it upstairs. It has a modern design, with a huge wall full of light, friendly atmosphere and super nice service. The menu offers two highlighted variations: grill and pizza. We have tried both: Since 2004 their PIZZA is one of the most popular in Munich, as it is thin, crispy and with authentic ingredients from Napoli, out of the wood stove – also available with double bottom, gluten-free and from whole grain flour! We highly recommend their Mozzarella Fiordilatte, the buffalo mozzarella, the spicy salami and the spicy red peppers coming directly from Naples’ market. The Parma ham and Salsiccia come from Umbria, the Stracchino from Verona and other ingredients such as capers and oregano from Sicily. Moreover, the STEAK is the other principal point, with different methods: Gentle cooking method “Sous Vide”, cooked to the point, tender, juiciy and pink as the long-term low-temperature grades allow this; “High-tech” charcoal grill, where the high temperatures and the special construction of the grill allow a short and healthy barbecue without burning and the “Dry Aging” maturation procedures, with a visible maturation cabinet, where the future rib-eyes and high-rib steaks are stored and matured at least eight weeks before they serve them. What do we recommend? From the delicate filet (the tastiest steak, very fine and low in fat), the juicy Entrecote, the elegant Milk cattle cutlet, to the intensive High-rip steak (dry aged), the Black Angus from Canada, (pure grass feeding) and the classic T-bone steak (US Beef GOP from Nebraska). What are you waiting for? Let´s go foodies and book your table this weekend.





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