Location: Holzstr. 25 (Glockenbach) or Theresienstr. 40 (Maxvorstadt). From 18.00 to 01.00 every day.

What you will find: I cannot believe we did not include yet The Italian Shot on the blog. For some Munich- foodies, here you can find one of the best pizzas in Munich and they have two locations, one in Glockenbach and the other in Maxorstadt (classic!). Not only the interior design of the one in the Theresienstraße is different to the big brother, but also the menu. In addition to pizza and salad, they also serve Italian highlights. What do we recommend from the menu of Maxvorstadt? We are crazy about anything with Goat’s cheese, fig, Parma ham and South Tyrolean bacon, however, it is not easy to choose a variation. Vegetarians and vegans are also guaranteed to have their own pizza selection. Otherwise, you will find Italian meatballs, pasta-gorgonzola, various salads and Tagliata Tartuffo. Let´s go foodies!


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