Location: Occamstraße 7 (Münchener Freiheit). From 17.00 to 00.00 (01.00 on the weekends) and on Sunday from 10.00 to 15.00 (Brunch time)

What you will find: I must say this area of Schwabing-West is not so discovered as others by us, and this was a huge mistake! This location has so much ambiance, restaurants and super vivid night. We have a long list of places and te first one is SO.CAL, a Drink & Dine created by three friends, who combine a great passion for Californian cuisine and lifestyle. SO.CAL is an abbreviation for Southern California and is Munich’s first restaurant with an authentic modern American kitchen. The Californian cuisine stands for a fresh and seasonal cuisine, influenced by many global influences such as European, Asian, Mexican and Caribbean cuisine – much more than just burgers and fries. The design is super special, with black and white colors and handmade tiles converted into palm trees. What do we recommend from the menu? Firstly the Saturday California Sunshine Breakfast, including omelets, pancakes, breakfast burritos and carne asada, the bbq rib plate, Baja California fish taco, La Jolla Salad, roasted lemon chicken and the Barstow beef burger.

*pics from  Philip Kottlorz



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