Location: Augustenstraße 113 (Josephplatz -Maxvortadt). From 7.30 to 20.00. Weekends from 9.00.

What you will find: After having amazing-foodie trips to Madrid (where you will find the best  35 new restaurants for 2017 here – do not forget Cristina Oria Restaurant!) we have come to Munich with high expectations and hoping new restaurants to be opened. One of the classic ones in Maxvorstadt is Cafe Josefina, a qualified barista with successful coffee varieties. Legendary is its cappuccino, with soy,  almond or oat milk. They converted their regular menu to an organic one, combining the flavor with the healthy, using fresh organic fruit and vegetables, daily warm and cold dishes and, of course, fine cakes. Freshly squeezed juices and homemade soft drinks with non-organic products – marked accordingly. You will feel at home in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of their Cafe. What do we recommend from the menuGinger chocolate, white tea & wild rose from Rishi, raspberry with vanilla smoothie, croissant with butter & marmalade, quinoa and millet breakfast, piadina sandwich with baby spinach, goat’s cheese and apple slices and the daily warm dishes.They are also in Foodora and they offer catering for special events.



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