Budapest Mini Guide – 36h

Location: Buda and Pest, two halves of a same city.

Where to sleep:

#Brody House (Bródy Sándor u. 10): 11 unique rooms in a small boutique hotel designed to make you feel at home. You can rent a room, an apartment or a villa. We love its neoclassical decoration and its location -in an old library specialized in medicine that shared corner with the old parliament – 80€


#Roombach Hotel (Rumbach Sebestyen u. 14): A bit cheaper and located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. A hotel designed for young people, super functional with cozy rooms and a lively bar (all day).


#Lavender circus: 15 unique double rooms, decorated with flea-market furniture, the walls covered with Adam’s witty line drawings, and bathrooms that have a goldfish tank embedded in the window. Located right opposite the National Museum, room rates have to be the best deal in town, with one drawback, a steep slog up three flights of stairs -30€

#Casati: The Casati describes itself as an art hotel, located by the Opera House. By contrast, once inside the bright, spacious standard rooms, the decor is essentially minimalist – white, beige or black. A big buffet breakfast is served in an interior courtyard covered with a glass roof – 80€ double with breakfast


#ArtÓtel: The layout feels almost like two separate hotels, with one modern building looking out over the emblematic Hungarian Parliament across the other side of the Danube, contrasting with a 17th-century mansion at the back. So breakfast is served in an ancient vaulted cellar, while the colourful modern bar and bistro has riverside views. Rooms are very spacious and guests have use of a sauna and fitness suite. Don’t miss one of Budapest’s most splendid baroque churches, the ornate St Anne, in nearby Batthyány Squarem – 78€

Where to eat:

#Borbiróság (Csarnok tér 5): Going to Budapest and not trying the Borbiróság menu is like going to Berlin and not taking currywurst. They use the products of the central market (located very close) and any of the dishes on your menu are worth it. The Hungarian style ratatouille is the most demanded.


#Onyx (Vörösmarty tér, 7): If you want to try thereal traditional Hungarian cuisine, this is your place. But do not expect the typical tavern, this restaurant appears in the best guides and has a Michelin star since 2011. Try foie and the traditional goulash soup.


#BorkonyhaBudapest has four Michelin-starred restaurants, but Borkonyha is by far the most personable and reasonably priced with an truly unique menu. Here you shall find such dishes as red tuna with strawberry sour and mangalica pork belly with buttered vegetables.


#Book Cafe: Budapest has hundreds of elegant cafés and Book Café one of the best, perhaps because it is so inconspicuously concealed from the street (it is hidden on the second floor of a really rather plain-looking bookstore).

#Ruszwurm: Mere sugar-addled steps from the Buda Castle, lovely Ruszwurm makes up in desserts what it lacks in space. Open since 1827, the interior’s carved wood and golden chandelier gives the diminutive space the aura of a very well appointed living room. The Dobos torte – a Hungarian caramel many-layered sponge cake – served here is rightly legendary so make sure you try a slice of this heavenly confectionary.


#Callas Cafe: But not every café in Budapest requires a 100-year-old history in order to count as suitably “grand.” One glimpse of Callas Café’s interior, designed by celebrated interior architect David Collins, and you’re bound to respond with superlatives. The Art Deco chandeliers, marble patterned floors, and gilded arches have a way of inspiring such a reaction – as does the Szatmári plum cake.


+Are you looking for tight budgets? Contact us in FB The munich guide! Other Cafes: Cafe Gerbeaud, Central Kavehaz, Muvesz Kavehaz, Hadik Kavehaz, Auguszt Cukraszda , Alexandra Book Cafe , Muzeum Cafe and Restaurant, Szamos Marcipan Royal Cafe.

What to do:

#Thermal baths of the city, originals from the Turkish period: 1) The Hotel Gellért (Szent Gellért tér9 is an institution where was filmed the ‘Danone bodies’ in the 90s and 2) The much more popular Széchenyi baths (Állatkerti krt, 11)

#Central Market (Vámház krt 1-3): Go buy foie (very used in Hungarian cuisine). A large market of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and gourmet products. Cheeses and sausages occupy the top place.

#Jewish synagogue (Dohány 2): It is one of the most iconic monuments in the city and where the Jewish community traditionally had its meeting place. The second largest synagogue in the world, after Jerusalem. The neighborhood is today a place full of terraces, bars, shops, cafes and graffitis. It is the Greenpoint (New York) of Budapest. Keep in mind these two streets to have a great walk: Váci Utca and Avd. Andrássy.

#Cross the Chain Bridge and get to Buda Castle: The monument is spectacular. Opened in 1849 after 20 years of construction. A nice view of the Danubio river. The Parlament of Budapest is a must as well, with Bastion of fishermen, Opera and the Heroes Square.

#Have a drink: The most characteristic are the so-called ruin pubs, located in abandoned buildings. The essentials? Instant, Szimplakert and Bobek.




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