BACKSPIELHAUS – breakfasts in Bogenhausen & Schwabing –

Location: Weltenburgerstr. 6 (Bogenhausen). There are also other filials in Schwabing, check them here. Usually they are opened from 6:30 to 18.00.

What you will find: When I walk from the office to home I usally pass by this cute restaurant. Finally we decided to go and try by ourselves. The Backspielhaus is famous for its large selection of breakfast dishes, cakes and pastry biscuits – which can be ordered until 17.00. Brunch is possible every day of the week, good news for brunchie-addicts. Here you can order from breakfast to lunch (also possible take-away). They offer pizzas as well, made 100% with spelled flour. Each dough rests for two days and this makes it particularly aromatic, light and easy to eat. Dogs are welcome in the special tables in the restaurant. Here the full menu, from burger, salat and pizza to limonade, milkshakes and all types of breakfasts. Let´s go foodies.




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