FEI SCHO – Asian delis in Bavarian style in Glockenbach

Location: Kolosseumstr.6 (Gartnerplatz – Glockenbachviertel). On the week from 11.30 to 22.oo and on the weekends from 13.00 (Sunday closed). Included in Foodora.

What you will find: We love the area of Gartnerplatz. There are several hot spots, trendy places to discover, specially in Summer. Fei Scho offers Asian delis in typical Bavarian style. They serve a fine selection of special dishes inspired in Vietnam(short menu), designed for a healthy diet. The principle is the preparation of regional and seasonal products that are freshly processed by them. Finished products, artificial flavor enhancers or genetically modified food does not come to us on a plate and they cooperate with the BIO Farm Bille Berger.What do we recommend from the menu? The Pho Bo – traditional rice noodle soup with beef, spring rolls (freshly prepared rice paper roll with lettuce, carrot, organic omelet) and the beef in mint and coconut lemon dressing with rice.



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