GRILL & GRACE – steakhouse in Mxvorstadt & Schwanthalerhöhe

Location: There are two locations, Gabelsbergerstr. 97 (Maxvorstadt) and Guldeinstraße 50 (Schwanthalerhöhe). From 11.30 to 14.30 and from 17.30 to 23.00 (Sunday closed).

What you will find: Looking for one of the best places to have a good steak we found in our area Grill&Grace. If you are a meat-lover this is your place, and what we liked most is that you can really make it how you want. If you say medium, it will be your real medium. If you say raw, that is what it will be. This restaurant is a new concept in Germany, it is the first steakhouse where the guests are the grill-masters. The side dishes and sauces are under the kitchen responsability. They placed a grill in the room, where it would be the ideal place to discuss about cooking leves, sauces and enjoy food. Great night for foodies-friends or colleages. Naturally, tips for the perfect steak can be found already in place and the grill itself. High quality meat, ready-made sauces, selected wines and local and international beers guarantee the perfect evening best barbecue in town. Here the menu. Enjoy foodies!



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