This summer we have been from Munich to Panama & NYC so we are going to create two posts with the highlights of our trip, in case any of you decide to travel to these cities. If you need or want more details of any of the places/restaurants (or a detailed guide for a week or even 24h in some part of the country), do not hesitate to contact us by FB @themunichguide. Enjoy foodies!

Location: Panama – a country similar to Costa Rica but less expensive.

What to see/eat and where to go:

1- Panama city: The city has a lot to offer, from Costa del Este you can go walking to the city center by the Cinta Costera -incredible views of the city and sea. Cerro Ancón, Amador, Canal de Panamá (Centro Miraflores) are other points of interest. One of the best location to stay in the city is Punta Paitilla:

#Hotel Las Clementinas: This hotel will captivate you. Built in 1930, this Boutique hotel is an amazing property, one of the Master pieces of the Old Town of Panama. Also their gardens are worth to visit, with their twin 50 palm trees and 80 feet high. Great space, natural light and panoramic views, which also includes a restaurant inside. More info here.


#Tántalo: Hotel, Kitchen and Rooftop all in one. One of the best locations in the city for young and not so young people. Amazing rooftop to have few drinks and delicious dishes. Some recommendations are crazy corn sea bass ceviche, coconut cashew chicken and the huge brownie. More info here.


#Gato Blanco: To be in Casa Nuratti and its Gato Blanco Kitchen & Rooftop is to be literally in Panama. Have a drink or two with live music! The ambience is outstanding and the views of the city at night unforgettable. The Italy- Panama fusion has never been better. More info here.


#Tacos La Neta: Amazing place to have the best Mexican cuisine ever in Panama. No doubt that the place deco is excellent for the purpose: a yard with fancy colours and graffitis make you feel even better. The tacos are not the regular ones. They will surprise you with their ingredients. I may say we tried all of them and I cannot pick just one. Maybe Cóctel de Camarón was the tastiest. More info here.


#La Rana Dorada: All hand-made beers you can imagine. All info here.


#The Fish Market: Or so called El Mercado de Marisco. If you like fish this is your place. Do not forget ceviche. Good local place, low prices and just luxury in the quality of the food!

#Others: Riesen for amazing local food, Paletta America for gourmet pops, Azahar, Caliope, Donde Jose, Madrigal.

2- Contadora Island & San Blas: If you have the chance to rent a boat or sailing ship, a trip to Contadora island is worth it. Virgin island, with nobody around, crystal water and tons of marine species to do snorkel -visit Isla de la Perla. On the other side, San Blas is an area called Guna Yala, full of little islands, 365 actually. You can sleep there for some days (no electricity, just you with your tent or in cottages) and eat what the Kunas prepare you, lobster for instance. The real paradise, where you can do snorkel, go to natural pools and have a lot of coconuts.


3- Bocas del Toro: More paradise islands, but bigger ones. Here we strongly recommend to do Deep Boarding with Under Sea Panamá. Amazing adventure where you do snorkel but in a different and exciting way, watching all kind of fishes, sea stars and even a sunken ship. Where to eat and stay here? There are some islands, but we recommend to stay in Isla Colón, as this one has everything, including supermarkets, nice stores and restaurants.

#Selina: This place has everything for young people (if you prefer the regular hotel: Tropical suites hotel, with swimming pool and extremely well located). For us, young people looking for design, cute place and modern, Selina is the best option. It offers the best view from their terrace, super cute rooms and delicious food. They also have locations in Playa Venao, Sta Catalina, where you can do surf and stay in El Sitio as well, excellent place to stay and have lunch/dinner – try fried calamari (fried yuca), sesame crust tuna and volcan or helado del chef. Amazing. Get ready to see whales, dolphins, coral and more.



#Bibi´s on the beach: In front of the landmark Bocas Buccaneer resort, this over-the-water restaurant and outfitter makes tasty soups, killer ceviche ( citrus-cured seafood) and lightly fried fish. The service couldn’t be friendlier and the sea views (and cocktails) will keep you lingering. Try the fresh ceviche at night!


#Indi Lounge + El Limbo: The restaurant is divided in two locals. The first one in Indi Lounge, a magic place to chill out and relax while eating a mix of Indonesian cuisine with local one. The second one, is a beautiful deck located right on the water. While you are enjoying your delicious meal take in the spectacular view of the dazzling Caribbean Sea. The water is clear enough for you to catch a glimpse of the tropical fish, colorful sea horses and sea stars who make their homes under our dock. What do we recommend? Fresh seafood which, on most days is brought right to our dock by native panamanians in their kayukos.



4-Boquete: Boquete is a small town in Panama. It is located in the western-most Province of Chiriquí, about 60 km from the border with Costa Rica, and lies on the Caldera River, in Panama’s green mountain highlands. Some of its landmarks include nearby Volcán Barú, an active volcano and, at 3,475 m, the tallest point of land in Panama. Hikers enjoy a relatively easy hike up and over the volcano, along the Sendero de los Quetzales, which runs from Boquete up to Cerro Punta and Volcan, on the other side of the volcano. If you want to stay in the center, an option is Hotel Central Boquete, if not in Finca Lerida. An option as well is do tirolina or canopy, amayzing experience in between the jungle with Boquete Tree Hill. Do not forget a coat, as the temperature in Boquete is low!

#Finca Lérida: This last place is amazing to take a coffee and see tons of hummingbirds. You can also do some trekking and go inside the jungle.


#La viuda del café: Those who love coffe, this is your place for you and for any gift you may buy. Tons of differents types and flavors with the best service. More info here.


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