LA BOHEME – mixed style in Schwabing

Location: Leopoldstraße 180 (Schwabing). From 9.30 to 24.00 (Saturdays from 18.00)

What you will find: In the last months I found the new trend in various magazines: tropical style with green food. I was lucky, as in Madrid there are plenty of them, such as Bump Green or La Habanera -definitely, if you go to Madrid do not miss these hotspots. The new restaurants are full of gold, palm trees and sweet colours, combined with mixed flavours, from Asia, to vegan and healthy ingredients. Now is the turn to Munich, as La Boheme is now here, to delight us from brunch to dinner. Amazing and wild territory where fish, avocado, best meat and delis meet. This time our recommendations vary from a variation of avocados, burrata ravioli, moules frites and the steakcuts. Let´s go foodies!




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