DEL FIORE GELATO – Ice Cream in Maxvorstatd

Location: Schellingstraße 60 in Maxvorstadt (they have also in Gärtnerplatz 1 and in Ehrengutstraße 18 in Roecklplatz). From 12.oo to 18.00 (with good weather longer)

What you will find: Another new opening in the area. I love when summer is coming and Munich is full of new ice -cream pop stores. Del Fiore Gelato stands for high quality, authentic and artisanal ice cream. It has a rich, compact consistency, contains little sugar and has a creamy, firm texture. Each recipe is individually designed and manufactured in their own ice-laboratory waiving industrial finished products. For us the ingredients are the most important item in an ice cream: bio  milk from local farmers, the coconut pulp of especially young coconuts and chocolate from reinsortigem fine cocoa, for example, are some that they use. Also the sugar content is in favor of the aroma-giving ingredients (fruits, nuts, chocolate, cream, etc.) and is considerably lower than that of conventional ice cream. They offer sorbets which are always vegan, dairy-free and characterized (except nuts and chocolate sorbets) fat-free, this thanks to the balanced sugar ratios. For the zero waste movement, the ice cream spoons are made of completely biodegradable cornstarch. What do we recommend (here the whole list)? Strawberry with mint, gran cru chocolate, stracciatela classica and honey with thyme.

del fiore-klein-9629del_fiore_munchen_gartnerplatz_eisverkauf_3del_fiore_munchen_gartnerplatz_frischethekedel_fiore_munchen_gartnerplatz_panini


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