TRUMPF ODER KRITISCH – Modern German in Schwabing

Location: Feilitzschstraße 14 (Munchener Freiheit – Schwabing). From 17.00 to 02.00

What you will find: I love to discover new places in Schwabing West. As we have this season many friends coming we are trying to improve by going to new German restaurants. In this city usually the prices are not low but we try our best. Trumpf oder kritisch is  a traditional place to be, have lunch and a few beers. As you enter many wooden tables are around, with copper tubes with lights installed and antlers hanging from the ceiling. There is also the possibility that you play cards, not normal ones but tyrolean card games while you are having beers. What do we recommend? Classic Agustiner Dunkel, Obazda (cheese platter or bread dumplings with mushrooms), roast pork with cabbage and potatoes, roastbeef (and I would add knödel!) and classic wurtsalad. Classic but special Bavarian place that it is also in Deliveroo. Let´s go foodies!



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