DETOX DELIGHT -cleanse program

Location: Odeonspl. 18 from 9.00 to 19.00 pop up store  (Saturdays from 10.00 to 16.00)-and online!

What will you find: I rather say I am not a big fan of diets, but of a healthy lifestyle. Walking by Odeonsplatz we found this cute little place, many lights and a huge blackboard. Detox delight was the first juice cleanse provider in continental Europe. Founded by Astrid Purzer in a back courtyard in Munich in 2009, it now has six locations – Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai – and is one of the leading international vendors in Europe and the Middle East.The delicious taste of the products, the innovative new flavors inspired by the latest health trends and the high quality and excellent service are key. No matter whether juices, soups, vegan meals or raw food snacks -all are daily fresh. A detox is always a plan of few days were you do not take any solid food but liquid with all what your body needs. Our digestive system and metabolism have a significant amount of less strain put on them and can work more effectively. The cleanse process is significantly enhanced and you will have noticeably more energy and feel healthy. Usually I take these products as a complementary support of my diet, for one day. However I know people that really need to care about their health and do a cleanse program. Perfect for spring. Let´s go foodies



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