ISSES – more than burritos in Schwabing

Location: Elisabethstr.12. (Schwabing) Tuesday to Thursday from 18.00 to 24.00 and Friday and Saturday from 18.00 to 02.00

What will you find: A hide basement in Schwabing. Suggestive entrance with a stylish sun-blind. Isses is not only a Mexican restaurant. Of course, they have classic dishes but with a mix with the new trends and a bar inside. Cool design as we like, with hanging lights and soft cream colors. Fast service, tasty and huge dishes and super prices. What do we recommend? The classic burrito, where you can have inside what you choose (always filled with rice, beans, sour cream, corn and tomato salsa – you can say you do not want an ingredient or that you want guacamole instead) or any bowl. We picked the ones of beef and steak, but also there are spicy, vegan and special options. Here all: Quesadilla with chicken, chili with beef, mixed salads and of course side dishes such as chili cheese fries (with sweet potatoes!), baked homemade nachos and grilled vegetables with feta cheese.  Do not miss the drinks (gin tonic power), but have in mind they do not have Mexican beer! Who would say no? Let’s go foodies.





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