MAN VS MACHINE – coffee in Glockenbach

Location: Müllerstr. 23. Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 and Saturday from 9.00 to 19.00 (Glockenbach – Fraunhoferstr)

What will you find: Coffe keeps you awake, like other important things in life like a great book or your favourite music. For great coffee lovers, MVM is an awesome discover, a place where whether you are in a hurry and have to grab a roasted coffee just to take-away or you are with friends and can stay longer with a home made piece of cake. Coffee is a fruit with more flavors than any wine! You can find coffe from Kenya, Central America and other specialties, such as green coffee – roasted on a Probatone 12 of the German manufacturer Probat, or roasted coffee, filter coffee (with ceramic filter, siphon or Aero Press) or faster filter. For the ones who are not so fan of coffee, they offer delicious varieties of tea such as Sencha from Japan, Original Oolong from China, Rusty Roiboos from South Africa, Darjeeling from India or Matcha tea. I am completely in love with Matcha all over every-kind-of-thing! Amazing cool scandinavian design that you can value by the pictures with many urban wallpapers, innovative cups and street art everywhere. As escorts, you can find snacks, homedame cakes and cookies (have a look to the pistachio ones!), banana bread an Franzbrötchen. Top #1.



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