KOKUMI – more than sushi in Odeonsplatz

Location: Christophstraße 3 (Altstadt – Lehel: Odeonsplatz). From Tuesday to Friday from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 23.00. Just the last hours on the weekends and the kitchen closes at 22.00

What will you find: Good Japanese restaurants are not so easy to find in Munich. We know two classic ones, but we wanted to know more and we started looking for one. This weekend skiing in Austria one friend asked for one, and we said with no doubt Kokumi. Would be defined as a sushi fusion with Japanese cookhouse. They create an innovative sushi which is truly one of a kind. What do we recommend? Kokumi fushion roll with fresh tuna sashimi and black italian truffles; niko dangu meatballs; Japanese curries; avocado tempura; the classic nigiri and sashimi with the special taste; fushion roll with tofu and all inside-out sushi. For the ones that cannot find a partner-in-crime to have this kind of dinner/lunch because they are not so much a fan of sushi, does not  matter, as this place has also soups, tempura and other Japanese dishes. Check here the menu. Prices are also really affordable! Let´s go foodies!



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