NUDO – Maxvorstadt as in Italy


What will you find: We really love mediterranean food. More Spanish as we think we really need to spread this gastronomy all over the world, but italian is one of our favorites. A cute and apparently not enormous local, Nudo surprises you in the middle of Maxvorstadt. It would be described as a young, urban and sustainable gastronomy. The new concept that constantly arises in the trendy magazines is what they apply: the slow food (not fast food at all). A laboratory of creative pasta and salads, with a conscious nutrition component, good ingredients, seasonal and organic products. Actually, Nudo means naked, trasnparent and open. The ambience is frank, with a plain design with old wood, raw walls, quiet steel and large room, where the clients are treated as friends and with whom is a pleasure to talk about recipes, life and ingredients. A comfortable dinner o lunch with friends, with genuine laughter and unique local. What do we recommend? The vegan sald with avocado and pumpkin, bolognesa with  grana padano cheese, raviole with baby spinat and the home-made gnocchi in all variants.





*Ec-karte payment from 25 euros


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