HUNGRIGES HERZ – all day in Glockenbach

Location: Fraunhoferstraße 42. From 8.00 to 19.00 (Glockenbach – Frauhoferstr)

What will you find: I love this neighborhood and of course the resturants. This one, the Hungry Heart in the heart of Glockenbachviertel, offers you deli dishes that everyone is tempt to try. Warmy fresh croissants, homemade cakes and muffins, tramezzini, sandwiches, exquisite teas and deli coffee. For big eaters, there is a weekly changing business-lunch menu, a regular menu and homemade oven-fresh pizza as hearts -as first time, we recommend them! Also the breakfasts here are really for foodies. Other recommendations? Quinoa bowl, acai bowl with banana, bagels, eggs with all extras plus avocado bread, chai latte vanille or low carb bowl. Price from 5 eur!



One thought on “HUNGRIGES HERZ – all day in Glockenbach

  1. I regret to say that, although you are completely right and the food is quite good and the prices are varied, the service in this place is a real mess.
    Everytime I go they have new waiters, and everytime I hope they are nicer than the ones before, but they are not. Some of them bring the wrong dish and say that’s what you ordered. Others don’t know what’s on the salad you would like to try (which it is OK, they cannot know every ingredient of every dish), but they go ask in the kitchen and come with an answer 15 minutes later! You can also wait for ages after you asked for the bill, which is not what you want if you had their lunch menu and you have to go back to work.
    To sum up, I really wanted to like this place, as I live and work very near and I would love to eat there everyday. But everytime I go I am treated so unkindly that I don’t want to come back for the next few months.


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