RINGLERS – Grill sanwiches in Altstadt

Location: Sendlinger Str. 45. From 8.00-18.00 (Altstadt- Sendliger Tor)

What will you find: We discovered this tiny but delicious restaurant by proximity and by the most rated places list in Munich. So we went. Not huge entrance and not huge local, but you see how they cook from the (short) distance. That is what I like, you know how they make it. The place is based in grill sandwiches and a daily menu, also vegetarian and to take away. Ideal for a break or morning snack, barbecue sandwiches, lunch menu or quick dinner before party. We actually know them by a food truck event, where a long queue was in front of them. We recommend the Mediterranean” version with sausage / rucula / tomato and homemade BBQ sauce, the Bavarian solutionwith crispy pork belly in the pretzel roll, spicy coleslaw and lime Chili Mayo and the Ox BBQ Sandwich! Check the daily menu here!



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