THE GRILL – steakhouse in Karlplatz

Location: Lenbachplatz 8. From 18.00 to 12.00 (01.00 on weekends). Altstadt -Karlplatz.

What you will find: We usally do not go in the city center to have lunch or dinner. But this time was worth it. We visited The Grill, located in the Münchner Künstlerhaus developed as a place where the famous painters, sculptors, musicians and important representatives of the Munich society came together.The building is an emblematic building where the classic and the history come together. Excellent service and awesome views of the city. The price is right according to the type of restaurant where the main dishes are meat quality. Anyway, if you cannot afford it, you have the chance of just having a drink and appetizer in the heart of Munich and enjoy the views. What do we recommend? Starting from the top, beef tartar, mini wagyu burger and chimichurri sauce. Then kobe style filet, black angus rib from Argentina and any of the USA steaks -what a pity they do not have one of the most delicious meats of the world from Spain! As it is a place of meat, fish and vegan dishes come to a second place. Enjoy foodies!



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