THE HUTONG CLUB – Asian cuisine in Schwabing

Location: Franz-Joseph- Str. 28 (Giselastr – Schwabing, Müncher Freiheit). From 18.00 to 01.00

What you will find: When we arrived to Munich we did not expect a tasty chinese food, honestly. They usally serve it with paprika or not tasty at all. Until we discovered The Hutong Club. Asian cuisine is more than sweet and sour pork, duck chop suey, spring rolls and shark fin soup. This is what this restaurant proves in Schwabing. Following our design-line, they comply in extrem with how we imagine the old imperial city of Beijing, the Hutongs -hence the name of the restaurant. Lights, many lights combined with black-painted ceilings and paneling, hand painted tables and a huge luck dragon that dominates the local. Exotic drinks with very unusual combinations will absolutely surprise you, but their specialty is the dumplings in all varieties, stylishly served in a bamboo basket. Also we recommend Nooddle Bowls, Soup Bowls, Buns and crispy things, pickles and chinese faltbread. Honestly, everything on the menu.



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