SUNNY FOOD – Smoothies in Maxvorstadt

Location: Augustenstraße 74.From 8.00 to 18.00 and from 10.00 on weekends (Maxvorstadt)

What will you find: The hype surrounding Green Smoothies are increasing. But what exactly is a Green Smoothie and what makes it so special? They are made in the mixer using green plants as salad, herbs, root vegetables, fruits and a splash of water or nut milk, or juice. The special thing about this super healthy mini meals are the green leaves used. Not pasteurized (pasteurization = heating up to 100 ° C) and remain therefore the important vitamins. They offer different types, such as Sunny Food smoothies (ideal for breakfast containing grain products (cereal), fruits and vegetables), Sunny Hanover (for taking care of your body after a huge party), Sunny Brain (rounded off with valuable Superfood components such as hemp seeds, guarana and goji berries that are ideal for memory and mind) and Sunny protect (for your defenses). Also they offer detox week program, acai bowls and a great smile for taking care of you body.





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