Location: Ledererstraße 8 (Marienplatz: Altstadt). From 6.30 to 11.00 and from 13.00 to 01.00.

What will you find: Last weekend we tried Cortiina Bar & Restaurant. To be honest, we usually recommend this hotel to our friends that want to come over the weekend, as it provides everything, such as comfort, design, qualified service and one of the most valuable restaurants in town. This time we chose going for dinner and took a few drinks. As soon as you get into the street, you feel you are right close to Marienplatz, but like a secret place not everyone knows. The restaurant is not a huge structure, but enough to invite to come and feel special. As I always say, the service is one of the important points of this foodie-game, and this time, the waitress presented himself, checked us from time to time, and as a difference with other places, he presented the dishes, with the ingredients, how-is-cooked and served. Top quality and design, if I may say. Not lights in plenty, in order to give you privacy and a talk with your parnter in crime. The ambience is high stylish class, young and mature trendy people not only from Munich, as this place is showed at any guide you may buy. The menu is designed in a short way, where all dishes have the best hand, not so many but the ones in there are desirable by many. Tartar, ceviche (perubian delicatessen), gourmet burger, salmon with seeds und vegetables, beef 220 g with a variation of sides such as sweet potatoe sticks or cole saw, hummus  with caramelizied vegetables and baby spinat salad, would be the ones we highlight. They have the right portion, in order to enjoy the dish and not be hungry afterwards. As dessert we recommend the chocolate mousse, a delight when you try it. Besides breakfast, they also offer a huge variaty of drinks, signature cocktails, classic from Munich and all types of Gin and Tonic. Top to gin-lovers. Click here to see the list. Valentin´s day is approaching, what are you waiting for? Let´s go foodies!



_MG_8821Starter Plate

Mademoiselle Rausch12417855_10156377436605075_7815481870295985280_n


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