Location: Preysingstraße 20. From Tuesday to Sunday from 17.30-01.00. Monday is closed! (Max-Weber Platz: Haidhausen). You can reserve online.

What will you find: Chez Fritz offers everything you look for, if you are looking for french cuisine and fresh seafood with high quality. The price is acceptable for the unbeatable quality. We highly recommend the fish soups and of course the shellfish: lobster and mussels were absolutely tasty. It is close to the heart of Munich, not a busy street though. Sure the wines and the kitchen with the small tables make it look like a french restaurant. The nice service well-dressed and the french customers are in the atmosphere – this is a sign excellent dishes are served. Kind of old-fashioned design, last century wooden doors and a leather comfortable sofa create a wonderful nostalgia. A quick glance at the menu shows popular dishes such as Moules et frites or steak frites, not forgetting other sea creatures. As a dessert you can try vanilla creme brulee, a cheese variaty or the sweet chocolate.. Enjoy foodies!


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