• A non-conventional restaurant: More than automobiles, BMW Welt includes a nice huge corner designed for a modern restaurant. If you want to take a special night out or surprise your partner-in-crime, ESSZIMMER is the perfect place. The price is not conventional but reasonable for the purpose. Seebass in passion fruit and parmesan, sweet potatoe with pear and tandoori and wagyu beef are the elected.


  • A cool shopping point: Cheers from downtown is the alive image of the modern people from Bavaria.Not so well-known brands but all of them unique and creative. Really cool if your goal is to be a modern of the city. You can pose for photographers with your new stuff.


  • A change for your home: Close to my beloved Leopold Hotel, is my new favorite place for design called Design Funktion-not tiny stuff, but huge furniture also. The prices are medium-high (do not expect Ikea), but also affordable if you are looking for design and a long-term fitment. A whim for this year for those who like design and brands such as Vitra, Hansen or affordable Pappelina.12294850_1057498570938503_6786603034749046070_n12301593_1057498794271814_8781015336224910098_n


  • A sweet moment in Delfiori: After the holidays who does not like a punch of energy with a delicious coffe, tea or a homemade piece of cake? Here we go: in this place croissants as well as juices and smoothies are the basic components for enjoy the moment. You can also enjoy delicattesen and gourmet dishes with a glass of wine. For the ones who does not like coffee like me, their hot-chocolate made of Valhore chocolate are worth to have a try. Let´s go foodies!11033620_664048230389971_2539836906585205259_n11092609_668019909992803_5921980642771188057_o


  • An online order: Usually I buy lot of stuff online. While gossiping around Instagram and Spanish Vogue online, I discovered my new muse for the porcelain dishes, Azarraluqui. We have a conventional crockery in basic white, but if you want a fancy table for the special nights you may have at home, this online-order is vital. Of course, H&M Home and ZaraHome are other ways, but take this one in order to be exclusive. 1516240_951348814932247_1852426082_nPlatos


  • A non-conventional guy: While we were going to Pomadeshop, where my bf buys all types of oil, cream and wax to take care of his hipster beard, we discovered an amazing place, Hammer & Nagel. We have not seen before something so special and surprising in Munich. Actually, both of these places are awesome, for cool guys looking for their body care. The first one is designed for modern men overall, where they can find all kind of different brands for their beard, hair and stuff for shaving (pre and post). As soon as you entered, a full sensation of feeling in the 50s but with a modern touch. On the other hand, Hammer & Nagel is the first workshop for men’s hands in the heart of Munich on Viktualienmarkt (nix for girls!). A different lifestyle in where everyday more and more men are willing to enter. The Harley-Davidson among pedicure in a place designed to be relaxed. In a stylish atmosphere with comfortable leather armchairs, brick walls and an old workbench with a motto: One must be a man to come in here! -these two places deserve a post by themselves indeed!11070548_433883770118197_5688285431885748962_o11075015_433883776784863_3438544054379249188_o12248070_10153247888628806_488118499127993453_o12304339_10153247888593806_561347307131728928_o


  • A drinking – spot: In Odeonsplatz, you will find a cool bar called Fantom Bar. Elegant atmosphere, cool people. All is in the details so do not miss the components! This Friday night could be a good day to try. Discover by yourself. Munich is such a great city for places  like this. Enjoy the night, you are young to still discover things.10432104_840537289330809_446849025446766653_n10690182_840537435997461_2775920382441651356_n241110_840537719330766_5537526417601366652_o


  • A lunch area: Brotzeiten is a quick and healthy food place. In the middle of Gisela Market, you will find this cozy restaurant. Here you have different dish everyday, all kinds of beverages, bread with roasfbeef, and of course salads really yummy! 11728839_1076670835679481_5352715251532875870_o11728899_1079361775410387_2921023440012697946_o


  • An asian suggestion: Nudeln, rice, soups and chopsticks. Madame Hu offers a menu, good for January pocktes and for our foodie taste. A mixed design with brick-walls, manteining the essence of Asia. Check the menu online and try to pick just one! 11222649_986956991363762_1584162154188034904_o12030555_986957141363747_536313015326130651_o


  • A snow point: Planning your ski-snowboard weekend? Perfect, your store to update your equipment is Blue Tomato. Right now they offer sales and really nice brands. Whether you travel to Garmisch or to Kitzbühel, you could really find interesting stuff here: Volcom, Roxy, Oneil, Burton, Adidas, Mammut and so on -better for snowboarders, as Descente and Columbia for instance are not here! Nevertheless, lots of brands to keep up your imagination with colors and new vibes that will make you enjoy your weekend!12045710_696843293783518_377936818434873029_o12265557_10153140013527611_3853758642090021654_o


  • A final countdown: Beverly Kills disco is what they try to show. This Beverly is a young and ugly at the same time; dark but with so many lights in the same moment and offers a night that could arrive in the day. Electronic and modern vibes where you do not where, how and with who are you going to end your night. Exciting. Be aware that the place is not huge and usually crowed, yo take the first hours or the last hours of the night to pass by.521717_123102364512422_700007055_n


  • 923264_194991923990132_2028440968_n

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