Location: Barer Str. 42  (Maxvorstadt). From 8.00-19.00 (on the weekends from 10.00)

What will you find: While I am writing this post, I am literally salivating recalling the taste and how yummy was going to this Cafe. Again, close to Universität, we had passed over this place several times while our way to the gym. Before saying anything about the interior design of Daddy Longlegs, I really need to focus on the Acai bowl – amazing discovery. Surfers discovered this superfruit which positive effects were known throughout the sports scene in Brazil and the acai berry got its popularity.
The acai berry comes from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and usually grows near the sea on the so-called Acai. After harvesting, the berries are seeded, pureed, pasteurized and cooled down to -15 degrees Celsius and packed. So what is this? A high-performance mixer strikes the fruit pulp with a fresh banana and some blueberry. The result is a delicious, smooth puree, which we garnish with fresh fruit and muesli. In addition, other boosters like Maca powder, chia seeds, hemp protein powder or cocoa nibs can be added, and also toppings. Of course, you have smoothies, quesadillas, home-made cakes, quiche and cold stuff as home-made lemonade or frozen chocolate. 🙂



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