Location: Augustenstr 5. (Maxvorstadt) and online

What will you find: We are managing and planning how are we going to be able to eat so much these holidays, with so many dinners and plans. We though the following: before the body prepares to ingest a huge amount of calories from Christmas dishes and toasts, we are going to make a week-plan to clean the body. That is healthy for us, combining it with a diet program, full of vitamin and  the elements our body exactly needs. This store located close to Universität offers what we want: Juices and Cleaning plans -that you can also order online here.There are multiple options, whether you like it more sweet, with more veggies or with more red fruits. Each one is close to 5 euros and really tasty. Regarding the cleaning programm, I wanted to learn more about the Cleanse, my body and my relationship with food. My diet is important to me so I wanted to make sure what comes into my body. Get your first detox experience before Christmas!





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