Location: Kaiserstr. 28. (Schwabing) From 11.30 to 14.30 and from 18.00 to 24.00. You can book online!

What will you find: Just a note for our readers: book few days in advance as the restaurant is always fully booked. In our hunt to find the best -or one of the best- asian restaurants in Munich, we faced with this trendy vietnamese restaurant in our location, Schwabing. Always looking for design and quality, it has both. We have been in Vietnam and in Thailand so we have a first-hand flavor to compare. Actually, the name of the resaurant refers to one region of the south of Vietnam. The owner combines in her kitchen Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. We recommend the classic dim sum or the lemongrass-marinated spare ribs, pho (soup with rice noodles) and Saigon with sake. Do not expect insects, just in the interior deco as little symbols that reminds her to her native land: fireflies that carry fragile wings in companion with dragonflies, fluorescent colors all over the place, geysha style armchairs, ceramic pots that I love so much and obviously the best dishes with a lot of flavor. Prices are in the media, from 10-30 euros.



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