Location: Maximilianstraße 15. (Altstadt – Lehel). From 8.30 to 01.00.

What will you find: As a reunion with friends, we discovered this restaurant. The owners are in charge of this central place and of similar such as Bar Centrale, Riva Tal, Kull and Riva Schwabing, that we will talk about soon! The menu is international with winks to grill and excellent meat. Our recommendations are Carpaccio, Burrata di bufala, avocado with couscous, tartar and regarding the pasta and grill… we cannot just pick one! The iberico steak was really amazing. The location could not be better, decorated with special love in order to get a traditional atmosphere. Lots of hanging lamps enhancing the colors of the dishes, lot of wood as tree wunks, lot of design. In this case, the other restaurants have a similar menu, but for instance Kull serves more international dishes, focusing in mixing ingredients in a bigger variety. Which one are you going to try?


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