A Christmas Market: We know already all markets in town, so why not going to others? Of all the Christmas markets in Germany, Freiburg is probably the most original. Located in the Black Forest the views are amazing. On the other side, in front of the restaurant Kap 4613 in Austria (Millstatt), there is a  floating Christmas market that offers stunning views of the lake and the mountains while a dozen stalls offer culinary specialties. Awesome.




 A bar: In Türkenstr 52 is located a cool bar called Fox. Fair prices, hit atmosphere and all elements to enjoy an afterwork or a night. They open from 19.00-01.00 and until 03.00 on the weekend. No doubts it has a trendy deco and top design.

A shopping spot: Close to my beloved and old Greenbox (they are going to open a new store instead of the place for smoothies that was before, it is called Pick and weigh, just you see how much your stuff weigh and then you pay the kilos!!!AWESOME), there is a nice store with delightful items. Styleroom has a based concept in italian, scandinavian and french mode. Located in Schellingstr 26, opens from 11.00 to 19.30 and usually offers interesting discounts.

A spot for a break: Wether you were looking for a place where to take a coffee, brun, breakfast or take bread for lunch this is your location. Incredible design, tasty handmade cakes, cookies, just pressed orange juice and artesanal bread. What else? Cotidiano opens from 7.30 to 23.00 (to 24.00 Friday an Saturday and to 21.00 on Sundays and Feierntage) and it is located in Gärtnerplatz 6 -one of my favorites locations in Munich.

An online store: Reading some fashion magazines, I discovered yesterday a top online store. La Real Fabrica is the cuttiest and amazing online store EVER. The name is spanish and the concept is artesanal and hand-made spanish products for deco, children, Christmas gifts, spanish gastronomy… Some of the presents for my family and my bf family would be from them. The sweeties groceries, happy books, soaps with incredible odors and many more. Check  here.



A special air: I am totally obsessed with having candles all over home. Not the old candles in castles, but the ones that give a effortless touch with a unique fragance. This way I discovered Sprout , an amazing store that we will talk about soon with my top brand: L:A Bruket. What is this brand offering? It comes from Varberg, trying to recover ancient treatments and inspired by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. They offer all kind of products for body, hair and home, specially designed to cold locations and combat dehydration produced by sudden temperature changes. It is located in Zieblandstr 2, opened from 11.00 to 19.00 (no Sundays and until 18.00 on Saturday). A perfect Christmas gift indeed. The best one for me is Black Oack (45 euros-260 gr), based on organic soy wax and essentials oils.

A book (or two): Every weekend my bf and I pass over Urban Outfitters, located in Neuhauserstr 8 from 10.00 to 20.00. Incredible store with many stuff for you and your home, based in little and not-so-little brands -not cheap though. Just focusing on books, here I found some interesting ones. We are not recommending big names, but quite funny and amusing such us London on two wheels (pretty obvious the topic huh?), It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be, the Little Book of drinking games (quite funny for the holidays and parties), Photos that changed the world (big impact), How to start a creative business (for creative-minds), The house rules (for your room-mates, your friend or boy/girlfriend), How to be parisian (the best phrase would be for me “using I´ve had one too many” as an excuse for inappropriate behavior) and many more.

A sweet maccaron: Not sure that I was going to find here in Munich such a great pleasure. Walking through the heart of Munich, going to Odeonsplatz, I had a glance at the showcase of Maelu. This time I am not going to sell you all their mini-cakes but their maccarons. Skeptical about these maccarons I had a try of just 3 of them. Amazing texture and nothing to envy to Laduree. Once you make pop, no stop!


A gift: I have always loved the California style, that blonde hair moving on a scooter or with a surfboard, waiting for you to ask where do they got that damm style. That style that I am referring to, it is based on a white t-shirt and jeans. My Levis 501 jeans. But all at once, a new brand comes up, called Re done. They love this trendy and never-out-of-fashion outfit, as I do, using all Levis and converting them in the new trends. Amazing result  with amazing price too, but just once for Christmas is fine right? This is one of my bday and Santa List.

A club: Where to find the best parties ever? In Kong. Cool people, electronic music but not to heavy, good vibes for an incredible Friday. Located in Prielmayerstr. 6,is always full of trendy and people with lot of style. Find yourself in one of the best clubs from Munich.

A restaurant: Seerose is located in Feilitzschstrasse 32 and opens from 12.00 to 00.00 (01.00 on Saturday and Sunday). Mediterranean style, cool interior and perfect for any dinner or lunch these holidays. You are going to find all types of pasta in its most delicious way. The owners are the same of Theresa Grill and Occam Deli.

A weekend in Madrid: Casa Josephine: 10.12-13-12 Pop up store where you can find all special gifts for this holidays such as vintage furniture or tableware. Located in Plaza del Alamillo 11. Mercadillo del Gato: With the best exhibitors from different backgrounds and exclusive products: fashion, cosmetics, decoration, art and more- gourmet area and live music included. Gran Via 13. The Hovse: This successful space returns for the third year as a must in the calendar of holiday shopping. About 50 brands for deco, home, gadgets, gifts, fashion and gastro. General Arrando 40.


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