A SURPRISE- Bounjour Munich: As a present to my boyfriend I was thinking in giving him a surprise with a cool and warm breakfast. Of course you could go your store and buy the things; but this brand offer us a bigger surprise, hand-made products and an innovative way to have a different breakfast. Check here if they bring it to your place and do not miss the chance to try it.

AN INSPIRATION- Eating Munich: I have here discovered a new world. A place where you can order pizzas, receipts, ingredients and learn about some products. I am amazed with it. Check it here.

A STYLE BRAND – Edited:  I discovered this brand in the event of Fashion Yard. They do not have a store itself but sell online and make lots of pop-ups. It recalls me to Asos, although they have different brands and of course more specials. They offer tips for lifestyle, beauty and many otehr things. Check it here.

A MAKE-UP- Kiko:  There is in Madrid a huge brand for make-up, cheap but with quality. As soon as was informed that they were also located in Munich, I went to the store. You have to give a chance as the prices are incredible but having the knowledge that they are not going to harm your skin- good for Christmas´presents. Located in Bayernstrasse.

A DESSERT-Nana Ice Cream:  A cool dessert to prepare if you are thinking in something healthy and yummy. In USA is really popular and you just have to grab the fruits you like more, such as banana or strawberry. You put them in the freezer and the next day all together in the blender – I recommend you to leave the fruit stand a few minutes or add a splash of milk. Then you just have to decorate it with the toppings you fancy! I added espela crushed oats, sunflower seeds and fruit.


A RESTAURANT – My Stolz:  Also called The Burger Boss. Cute design but most important tasty burgers in an american amazing way. You can also order online -we are not fans of their webpage though, but we had to recommend these marvels. Located in Fürstenrieder str. 152.



A COOL CLUB- Charlie Bar: We discovered this place as a random night. As soon as we entered we thought it was a chinese restaurant -in fact, it is! But far from that, you have a stairs going down and a huge steel door. What you will find is cool dance-techno music, awesome design, neon flights on the floor and the feeling that you are in the artistic Berlin. Important Djs, mixtapes and events. Non-convencional parties. Located in Schyrenstr.8. Check it here.

A DECO SPOT- Room to dream: As the name itself,we are entering in a world of design. Clean, special and innovative. Located in Lenbachplatz 7, openned from 11:00 to 19:00. You can also check here online and buy.

AN IMPACT- POMPEII: Do you remember the brand Hawkers of sunglasses? Well, the guys from Pompeii are doing a fantastic job. In some months they have achieved a great response from the clients, offering high quality for shoes and also good prices. The products are hand-made from Spain and you are not going to able to pick just one. Check them here.

A WHIM- MAPIFUL: I am really crazy for stuff to deco our home. My bf thinks I am a bit shopaholic. Whatever, I have found a cute place where to design your own map, with great format (4 different) and for 60-80 euros you will have in 2-3 days at you place. Create your map-poster with your favorite city: the city you were born, where you fell in love or just a place that makes your heart skip a beat. Search, zoom and tweak. Check it here! Free shipping.


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