DELI & JOY – closed


Location: Rindermarkt 6. From 8:00 to 20:00 (U Marienplatz: Altstadt)

What will you find: As soon as I found myself in a new job, I discovered that my new colleages, usually have lunch in this little place. As curiosity it was openned by an employee from my firma! The place is cute designed inside and if the sun shines as these days- even in November!- they offer a terrace to seat and enjoy your meal. What do they offer? All kinds of salat, with pasta or different ingredients, wraps, sandwiches (better than Starbucks), “bocatas” (as we call them), all kind of snacks and all kind of drinks. I became crazy discovering the beverage: Vitaminbombe, Real Coconut Water, natural pressed juices, detox drinks, smoothies and many more. Of course everyday you can pick a warm dish such as rice with curry or different soups. On the other hand, you also have coffe-to-go, tea, latte, cookies, incredible muffins and sweets to have breakfast. Price pretty good and also you can order you lunch-boy online!



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