· Location: Augustenstr. 74 or Baaderstraße 68. Everyday from11.30 h–21.30 h. Now you can also order it by Foodora and you have it in your place! ❤ (Maxvorstadt oder Haidhausen)

· What you will find: We love burritos and from the beautiful San Francisco to Munich we have them! In this case, you have the opportunity to choose the ingredients you want (vegan, beef or chicken) and they will prepare a fresh and individual meal. Besides the classic burrito, burrito bowl and mexican salad are available. You should not miss the tasty tortilla chips with different dips and home-made guacamole. The place is so well-surf-decorated that you will come again -they are passionate fans of all sliding and rolling boards designs (the designer Chris Maier has designed the first Burrito Company Signature Series Board created). You can choose the size you want for your burrito and extras such as more cheese or beef/chicken. Despite having awesome burritos they make also yummy brownies. Baked daily, repair happiness guaranteed. So quick and easy steps: 1) pick what you want, burrito,mini burrito, salad or tacos 2) pick your ingredients such as beef or chicken 3) pick what you want inside it, salat, type of sauce (cream or chili), tomato, beans, cheese and otheres 4) Pick with or without coriander, with extra sauce/cheese/meat and son on. And there you have it!



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