· Location: . Everyday from 10.00 h–22.00 h.

· What you will find: Fast Food – but fresh and original? Your place is definitely Taquería Milagros. But the Mexicans convince not only culinary, but also in design -the restaurant is colorful and candy-colored. Those who enter the Mexican street bar, will see in front of the counter where you order, big tables, plastic cups with drinks in hand and really yummy food. The principles are: quick, simple and inexpensive – and, optionally, to take away. In contrast to fast food, everything is freshly prepared and there are emphasis on a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. Burrito with beef, quesadillas with vegetarian filling and taco with duck  with a yoghurt sauce are the recommendations.

Here you can also enjoy of home-made juices. For instance the tamarind, which main ingredient is a sweet-sour-tasting fruit whose taste is reminiscent of apple, peach and lemon -the drink is tasty and fruity in flavor but close to the multivitamin juice and therefore not particularly exotic. Or also you can order a horchata, soft drink made from rice milk, almonds and cinnamon.



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