Location: Feilitzschstr. 15. From 8:00 (Monday-Friday) and from 9:00 (Saturday-Sunday): Maxvorstadt.

What will you find: We were looking for the group who manage Theresa Grill and we found that they are also in charge of the following restaurants: Freebird, Kaisergarten (one post of this time ago here), Seerose and Occam Deli. So we gave a chance to the last one for the moment – the others will follow. What we found was as good as we expected. Occam Delis comes from the Lower East Side of Manhattan (NYC) , offering delicatessen from all nationalities: Jewish, American, Italian, French or Oriental, all based in simply cosmopolitan cuisine. All mixed-up with design, top-furniture, incredible dishes and taste. They follow the NYC street and lifestyle, giving the chance of taking breakfast/brunch, lunch, middle-lunch and dinner, and of course to buy the most essential foodstuff (drink and food). As in Theresa Grill, the menu is not extense, but high-quality of dishes with a range of prices from 5 to 25 euros, such as pumpkin long-shot, spinach falafel with pomegranate, goat cheese cake-popswith avocado and bread, smoked duck with rice, lamb with honey sauce, risotto, sashimi with quinoa and hot pastrimi sandwich.



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