The LEKKEREI – new concept

Location: Lerchenauer Str. 30, close to the Olympic Park (U3). The Lekkerei goes currently to Schwabing, Maxvorstadt, Moosach and Lehel -other delivery areas will follow.

What will you find: For those who value healthy eating and the origin of the ingredients, but do not have time to cook, there is the Lekkerei, Munich sustainable delivery service for healthy eating. I face this issue every day at work, as I do not like to pick a kebab or a pre-done salad, as that is not healthy and I do not have usually the time after work and gym to cook. When I was working in Madrid, there was a team who cook everyday, we ordered the lunch and they sent the box to us. I missed this so much until I found Lekkerei, GREAT and totally helpful for me: everyday they cook with fresh an local ingredients, relying on regionalism, transparency and environmental awareness. That it is important to highlight, as everyday I am getting more interested in learning everything about the origin of the ingredientes and the preparation of dishes.

Some dishes are fresh soups, vegetarian entrees, or with fish or meat, light salads and delicious desserts. Creative, light cuisine without flavor enhancers and additives. Drinks can also be ordered directly. Also, they ensure a variety for lunch and dinner, as they change everyday the dishes. The way to do it is simple, fast and easy: You go directly to the website, pick what you want for lunch or dinner for the same day or in advance and then you get your order in a biodegradable and recycled pack at the appointed time – they use bikes or electric scooters for long distances.

Sometimes is just enough to see the pictures, so bon appetit!:

Apfel-Crumble Avocado-Pecanuss-Salat

Babyleaf-Salat-Orangen Bayerische-Creme

Choco-Creme Dinkel-Gruenkern-Plaetzchen

Gazpacho-Oliven-Crostini Gegrillter-Zander-Linsensalat

Gemuesesticks-mit-Hummus Haselnuss-Krokant-Kugeln

Kaesespaetzle Kalbsrahmgeschnetzeltes

Kohlrabi-Vanille-Schaum-Suppe Marrokanischer-Eintopf

Rhabarber-Crumble Rote-Bete-Baby-Spinat-Salat

Rote-Bete-Pflanzerl Sekundensteaks


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