· Location: Fraunhoferstrasse 32. Open from 7:00 to 2:00 (terrace until 22:00 clock and cocktails from 17:00): Isarvorstadt – Ludwigsvorstadt

· What will you find: In July 2014 The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar was opened in Munich, close to Isar River. Great news at that time. Designed by Arnold Jäger, the hotel combines a sophisticated design and a warm atmosphere. On the rooftop we have a great terrace with Alps view. The perfect meeting place for cosmopolitan travelers and like-minded people. It is a creative and welcoming harbor for hotel guests and Munich simultaneously, where you can take a drink or any food. Not to forget that the awesome smoothies from Super Danke store are served! Organic and cold press juices that provide a perfect boost to the day. What’s more, thanks to the many bars that The Flushing Meadows’ hoteliers Sascha Arnold, Niels Jäger, and Steffen Werner own in Munich, guests immediately have access to a number of cool places to hang out. Cool right?

· Rooftop/Terrace/Bar: Located on the hotel’s top floor, is the hotel’s melting pot and breakfast club. Mr. Bruderhofer and his crew serve classic snacks and cocktail creations from 17:00. Enjoy the hotel’s sunny terrace and panorama view over the roofs of the neighborhood. Cool people, atmosphere and we just need a sunny day!

· Hotel: There are different options per night. Penthouse Studios with terrace are sunny rooms for rooftop-aficionados with oversized windows and spacious personal terrace with view in direction of Alps (165€); the same but without terrace (145€); a smart studio with terrace (125€); smart studio with no terrace (115€) and mini studio with terrace (100€). Then you have the same but loft studios (from 115€): The third floor is to 11 unique rooms, all of which feature reinforced concrete ceilings over four meters in height. Each of these rooms was created in close collaboration with selected personalities such us Birgit Minichmayr – Actress, Vienna- , Michi Beck – Musician, Stuttgart/Berlin- or Charles Schumann – Gastronomist, Munich-.









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