· Location: Augustenstr. 52. Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 (WOW). Saturday from 9:00 to 15:00: Maxvorstadt.

· What will you find: H I P S T E R. That is the new word. Even if it is not for you, does not matter: if you are a man, you will care about your hair and your beard. Trendy, new, fresh and modern. Close to Universität you will find this little barbershop, where they do not just will take care of a never-better haircut, but of your beard. A mix between classic and cool design in hands of the most experienced hairdresser. Interesting clients, berliner-kind atmosphere and razor cuts. The design is based in dark walls, which are plastered with newspaper clippings, a  long mirror wall with the typical old barber chairs, the tattooed barbers and casual music. By the way they use styling products that can not be seen on every corner, something unique. Talking about prices, it is a little higher than other places depending of the service, but totally I may say it is the best barbershop ever.






2 thoughts on “BASH BARBERY

  1. If you already know Bash Barbery, you will definitely love the Barber Shop by David Fechner (Edelweißstraße 4, München-Obergiesing, p: 089 12017378). Just a cool and relaxed man’s world, w/o any hipsters attitude.

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