· Location: Kardinal Faulhaber str. 11. Everyday from 10:00 to 20:00: Altstadt

· What will I find: Muji was established in 1980 in Japan and by the concepts of “quality products without brand” and “Less is more” was coined. Today they are developing as an international manufacturer: stylish, functional and affordable quality products for all relevant areas of urban life.Their range of products include furniture, household items and storage products, as well as clothing, travel accessories and stationery. All items are subject to our four principles, which we have remained true to this day: Modern, functional design without unnecessary decoration +Elementary and sober colors that blend to dominate instead+ The right balance between quality and price+A comprehensive range of lifestyle products for all areas of life. The value of MUJI products lies in what they are and not in who created them – that is why they are never provided with a brand name. If you are looking for design and cheap, this is your place!





2 thoughts on “MUJI

  1. Muchas gracias Almuu!! Estamos investigando nuevos sitios como este, para cuando querais hacer cambio de muebles no seamos clónicos y vayamos todos a ikea!! besitos


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