· Location: Residenzstraße 25 (Odeonsplatz U3, U6). Monday- Saturday from 10:00-20:00: Altstadt

· What you will find: Since March 2014, against the traditional confectionery was created this multi-brand store where you can find vintage details, such as the black marble staircase and wall paintings, and get integrated into the modern and bright  interior. In this stylish ambience you can take a warm beverage while lion statues are watching you – It is the way to bring good luck. The menu was designed with innovative dishes, there are variated cakes, smoothies and coffee-house and green coffee are offered. So on the first floor you will find STEREO/MUC where various brands for all kind of things to men: handbags, coolest jeans, accessories, shirts and so on (high price); while on the second floor you find STEREO CAFE, with the most delicious cakes ever. Take a rest this weekend ❤

· Tip: In the backyard there is a small terrace, which is accessible through the open kitchen. Cheeseburger with turmeric buns, steamed cod dumplings with parmesan risotto and carrot and ginger sauce are other available dishes if you are starving! Not so expensive and great views!











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