· Location: Amalienstraße 46. Monday to Saturday from 10:00-22:00. Sunday from 12:00-20:00: Maxvorstadt

· What you will find: We were strongly recommended to go to this little restaurant in the middle of Munich. This stylish french landscape is a new and unique concept enriched in 2006, not a snack-bar: black floor in combination with magenta purple and green frog eye-catching, and a seating area with corner benches made of oak wood which invites you to linger. What do they offer? Short menu, classic burgers, curry wurst (between Herrmannsdorfer sausage and wild garlic sausage in best organic quality) and the main dish, freshly fries prepared according to original Belgian model and roasted twice to get the best quality and the typical taste- not frozen. With this, you have 20 different sauces, directly imported from Belgian producer Pommesdips, from grassroots “red and white” over sauce Andalouse to extra sharp samurai Dip each guest can operate and be individually refine his court at will. Other flavors are aioli, cocktail, Majo Light, curry, Frite Saus, Frite Saus Zoet (sweet) and all served in small transparent plastic containers, the times you want. We have been several times, and of course we will continue going.

· Tip: To maintain tradition and culture of the popular meal the owner joined the “National Belgian Association of Frituristen. For dessert? Chocolate with a fruit skewer. Really cheap (2-8€) and for any kind of meeting.








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