· Location: Klenzestr. 89. Tuesday- Thursday from 19:00-1:00 and Friday-Saturday from 19:00-3:00. Sunday till 24:00.(Monday closed). Fraunhoferstr. – Isartvorstadt.

· What you will find: It is located in Munich’s beautiful Haust der Kunst. Ranked 31st in the top 50 bars in the world it has been the recipient of two mixology awards for its cocktails. You will find retro furniture and football tables. Currently it has around 130 varieties of juniper spirit from classics like Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray to New Western Dry Gins, as Hendrick’s and Monkey 47, to rare varieties and limited editions from around the world. The local gin as The Duke from Munich is available also. Let’s take one gin-tonic, lots of ice, garnish cucumber and enjoy it.

· Tip: Happy hour from 19:00-21:00 and from 24:00! If you do not feel like a gin-tonic, choose between 50 cocktails that this place offers you.




· Location: Prinzregentenstr.1. Monday- Saturday from 10:00 – 2:00. Sunday from 10:00-20:00. Altstadt – Lehel.

· What you will find: The Golden Bar in Haus der Kunst was renovated in 2010 and it is now the place to take one drink but also a coffee with a rotating menu. The origins of the wines and spirits served, are shown on maps and in landscapes on a golden background. Thanks to the fine drinks it was elected in 2013 the bar of the year. The light, the walls, the atmosphere, everything is wrapped in the warm glow of the precious metal in the Golden Bar, but with a patina that comes from a turbulent, at times terrible story -it was built by the Nationalsozilisten as the “House of German Art” in 1937. Worth a visit and choose between Golden Champagne, Old Dirty Bastard and Cold Duck.

· Tip: You can not reserve by email. You can also find 30 non-alcoholic fruity drinks to standards such as Whisky Sour to a monthly special theme drinks like the Saki based “Samurai Drinks”.


Goldene Bar

Goldene Bar


· Location: Corneliusstrasse 14. Monday to Saturday from 10:00-22:00. Sunday from 12:00-20:00. Isartor – Altstadt – Isarvorstadt.

· What you will find: In order to achieve the correct alcohol level at the beginning of a long night, we recommend Robinson Kuhlmann’s New York Bar. You will find fair price and the best mixing ratio. The bar is a place to see and be seen while in the Bavarian capital. A institution for mixology, the bar serves its own line of glasses, shakers and cocktail making accessories for the professional and amateur alike. With the place splitting between a ‘camparino’ and more traditional bistro, it is a perfect place to while away the hours whether in the cold depths of winter or in the warm embrace of summer.

· Tip: The visitor-friendly opening times allow also on Mondays to insert a bar crawl, only on Sundays one must willy-nilly spending some time relaxing.

DSC_21261-1024x684Robinson BarRobinson Bar


· Location: Beethovenplatz 2. Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday from 18:00 to 3:00. Friday-Saturday from 20:00 to 5:00. Schwanthalerhöhe.

· What you will find: This place Is headed by Stefan Gabányi, who has made a more studied, earnest version of Munich bar owner Charles Schumann, which is maybe not surprising as Stefan spent 12 years at Schumann’s Bar.He describes the place as a classic cocktail bar but with an elegant-underground. Find in this Goethe Plazt square a “Rusty Margarita” or a “Brandy Stinger”. The place inspired by Hemingway or Bukowski offers drinks from 7€, as “Dark & ​​Smokey” with herbal notes of Jägermeister with the smoky flavor of a ten year old Ardbeg whiskey  or the classic gin-tonic in a sophisticated atmosphere.

· Tip: Also simple bar food. The truth? Who drinks, needs some gulash-snack to not stand out.


Bar Gabanyi, Munich, Germany


· Location: Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 11. Monday- Thursday from 11:00-1:00 and Friday-Saturday from 11:00-2:00. Sunday closed. Altstadt – Lehel.

· What you will find: A café as much as a bar, this is the stylish hangout on the relatively quiet street, in the architectural splendor that makes Munich’s historic city center so famous. Rest in the sunshine outside (if summer) or stay inside and peruse the menu over a cold cocktail or two. This is a bar for fine drink, a place of awareness of style and slightly exaggerated nightlife atmosphere that is so typical of the center of Munich. The vaulted rooms next to the five-input farms are beautifully designed, exquisite cocktails and Classics. The Blood & Sand is representative of the strengths of the Barista: An aromatic fruity, powerful cocktail that have whiskey, cherry and orange cooked in white lab coats in the perfect ratio of Vermouth the cool bartender.

· Tip: You can also have grill-lunch here or see some of the football matches in a huge screen. From 7€ up.



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