· Location: Rablstraße 37. Monday- Sunday from 18:00 – 00:30. Haidhausen – Rosenhaimer.

· What you will find: I got here by surprise in Valentin’s evening, a french corner in Munich. What can I say? Just that this place is perfect, romantic, modern and really chic -it made me felt even more in love that I was before for my bf. Loic Cantegrel serves his nouvelle bistro cuisine since 7 years in extraordinary quality without chichi. Freshly renovated, we entered in a cool but cosy atmosphere. Our option was 4 course menu (47€) but you can also order 3 course (37€) or just main dishes or entrants (10-21€) and really worth it. For entrants we recommend Salmon tartare with goat cheese and Sichuan pepper or foie gras on brioche with mango apple chutney (carpaccio is highly recommended but we think is not the best dish). For main course you should not miss the house specialty, the fondant de Boeuf, meat on a very fine bed of mashed sweet potato and poured over chocolate red wine (the surface has a slightly rough texture with toasty aromas – and unexpectedly good) or the L’adresse surprise, that in our case was goose with the highlight of carrots. It is braised so long and gentle as a whole, that the interior comes caramelized in combination with coarse sea salt on the surface. If we had to pick one dessert we would say Choco Fondant de Loic (although you have also Café de Paris with Maccarons or Crème brûlée with tonka beans and pineapple as special ones).

· Tip: Each week they change the dishes, so for long term they will have others! Do not forget to reserve. At one point of the night the lights are less and the music a bit higher, just to take some drinks with friends or your couple. The bread that they serve you in the beginning is amazing, warm and delicious.






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