What´s Smoothing on: superdanke

· Location: Türkenstraße 66 (Universität U3: Maxvprstadt). Monday-Friday from 8-18, Saturday from 10-18 and Sunday from 11-17 (what a pity that they close so early)

· What you will find: A sweet and tiny space, enough to get big smoothies from 5 euros. I recommend A-game (apple, avocado,grape, spinach, dates and rice coconut milk), Raspberry Boost (raspberry, pear, banana, beetroot, mangold, almond and almond milk) and Green Machine (mango, celery, parsley, cucumber, ginger, lemon juice, water, agave syrup and olive oil)

· Tip: I would include the possibility to customize your smoothie. If you are a pro in this beverage try to use always ginger; if you are starting, banana and mango are the ones that make sweet and tasty the smoothie. Yummy!






3 thoughts on “What´s Smoothing on: superdanke

  1. Super awesome post! I have only tried “Super Danke!” and I can only agree it is Super, danke!
    I have to say though, that even if smoothies in Viktualienmarkt are maybe not the best, juices on the other side are really, really good in one of the shops (I do not know the name, but it´s in the continuation of Reichenbacherstr).
    Any “Juicing up” post coming soon? 😉 Look forward to!


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